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Welcome to the Soul Path Blueprint


I designed it specifically to help you translate your Highest Vision into Tangible Action

Find the Overlooked Power in Your Soul Path Blueprint

Hello! I'm Joy Osaka-Lu

The story of your soul, purpose, and highest potential seems so vast and formless so inserting them into a blueprint translates these elements into an understandable, tangible format. You can then see your patterns, relationships and experiences to connect your highest potential into real life by changing what holds you back.

This most commonly shows up when thinking about career advancement, relationship dynamics, stress, and situations where there are few options like caregiving.

The Soul Path Blueprint bridges the truth of who you are into a grounded, sensible, and practical way of living. It’s modern sanctity that incorporates your spiritual intelligence with your intellect.

I am here to help you  

  • See how easily, quickly change can happen in your life, career, and business. 

  • Save time by going beyond your struggles by thinking holistically, stay true to your talents and find the root of your self-empowerment.

  • Connect with and Live the Highest Vision of Your Life to see yourself as the truth of who you are so you can be seen and heard in the world.  

  • Establish the Foundation of Your Life free from the stories, programs, and beliefs that are no longer yours to keep

  • Grow your inner strength and access higher capabilities. rather than on managing complications, to innovate the freedom to progress your career forward.

  • Find the courage to do it your way to elevate yourself as an efficient leader regardless if you have that title or not.

  • Whether you are moving through difficult times like a divorce … or you are a CEO … or a full-time Parent … learn ways to access the underlying power to create a much a future you can stand strong in.

As an Empowered Alignment Coach, Empowered Alignment Mentor, and spiritual guide, I help people

  • find the overlooked personal and professional power in their lives, business, careers and relationships. 

  • teach that by making even the smallest shift in our energetic core we gain a fresh perspective … in fact, ONE RIPPLE can change everything®. 

  • merge proven practices of transformation with highly practical forward movement actions. 

  • translate the abstract aspect of overlooked power into changes that move you forward. 

  • teach strategies that unwind the hidden energetic core of your Soul Path Blueprint. 

I Created the Soul Path Blueprint

After observing the same patterns and behaviors in every company I worked for during 34 years in Corporate America. 

By doing this work for myself to liberate my own overlooked power, I became a Change Maker beyond my formal roles of project manager, investment data and business analyst, and consultant. To this day and every day, I remain aligned and more powerful than before.

In fact, it was the basis for all of my successes in life even when I didn't know it.

All my life, I've helped people find the overlooked personal and professional power in their lives, business, careers and relationships after learning how to do it for myself to prove:

  • making even the smallest shift in my energetic core, I got extremely powerful from that a fresh perspective … 

  • in fact, ONE RIPPLE can change everything®. 

I merge proven practices of transformation with highly practical forward movement actions combining the of tools Jungian, Gestalt, New German Medicine, NLP, Epigenetics, and Family Constellation Theories  with decades of success in the corporate scene,  the art of sacred storytelling, the body’s methods of managing and using energy and power along with my gift of being able to see the past, present, and future instantly as well as what blocks forward movement for people and businesses.

I'm so excited to share this with you so you can experience Empowered Alignment within your Soul Path Blueprint for yourself. 

About the Soul Path Blueprint


What is it?

  • We are layers of aspects, mindsets, ideas, aspirations and patterns, both empowered and disempowered. 

  • The Soul Path Blueprint is the foundation of your life and is your true identity.   

  • The blueprint includes your intellect and all of your accomplishments and adds to it the rest of you. This part of you is more vast and powerful that makes sense of the big picture of your life and your highest potential.

  • This important facet uses aligned empowerment to efficiently use your time and energy for focus to achieve what currently seems out of reach. 

  • You can quickly and clearly see what your next best step is and change any dynamic in your life from this blueprint perspective.


How does it work?

It gives form to the truth of who you are, it has 3 customizable templates that translate a desired idea into a practical way. 

Insert key life experiences to scale the blueprint. 

  • Foundational outline: Who are you really? Your original essence is outside of your life experience and roles and when set, the trajectory of your life and your actions are always aligned. This is where you are most powerful.

  • Walls and Stairs: Patterns, beliefs, and mindset that define the rooms of a home can come from your lifetime, ancestral, or unknown origins are the hardest to see alone but are meant to be remodeled easily. Keep what works and fully dismantle at the core what doesn't.

  • Doors and Windows: How do you receive information? Are all of your doors open, letting in everyone into your space or are they locked, keeping you isolated in your thoughts. How clean are the windows you see the world?Thresholds that we walk through with empowerment and the way we received information that  provides information in a sensible way to move forward in any situation. 


What happens when I engage with it?

  • Love what you do and do what you love.

  • Live from a place of empowerment, choice, and freedom.

  • Be lifted by your vision and mold your reality from this place, not burdened by expectations.

  • Define your life by how you live, not with what you do with your time.

  • Achieve through the integration of overlooked power and change what success looks like.

  • The truth of who you are becomes the only self you live.

  • Act from genuine convictions, not fear by expanding your experience.

  • No longer compromise (pay more for and get less) than what you want.

  • Change relationship dynamics instantly by integrating all parts of your blueprint.

  • Make a difference in the consciousness of our times.

In Your Soul Path Blueprint Session Work

You will learn ways to:

  • Create with a true sense of inspiration

  • Communicate with a true sense of clarity

  • Act with a true sense of achievement

You will access the essential empowered alignment with your Soul Path Blueprint that will move you to:

  • SET YOURSELF FREE FROM RELENTLESS WANTING AND STAND IN THE POWER OF REALIZING YOUR BEST LIFE. Finally access the clarity of the greatest vision of your Soul Path Blueprint and find ways to invest your energy so you are creating from the source of your true power.  

  • STOP SPINNING IN STRESS. Learn how to uncover ways your body is overcompensating … let go of energy draining habits that lead to poor choices and misaligned actions. After all, the power of your Soul Path Blueprint remains where it belongs...with you.

  • MASTER THE MINDSET OF FORWARD MOVEMENT. Tap into the inner-influence of your Soul Path Blueprint … a natural state of motivation where you act from the highest aspect of who you are and meant to be instead of from fear, self-doubt, denial. Get clear about which habits, patterns, behaviors, and beliefs stop you from moving forward and have you randomly chasing dead-end solutions that don’t last.  

  • STAND STRONG IN YOUR VISION. Stop worrying and wasting time on things that deplete your connectedness, confidence, and creative control of your future. Eliminate things that make you strategize, run in circles, feel tired, stressed out, wrestling with sleepless nights … all of the patterns of discouragement that can lead to giving up in defeat and even habits of addictions. 

  • DEFINE YOUR FUTURE FROM A PLACE OF TRUE EMPOWERMENT. Understand and claim your life from the real meaning it is meant to be, not as a by-product of circumstances. Find key elements of your Soul Path Blueprint and the touchstone guidance in your life that show up daily.

  • ABOLISH OVERTHINKING. Find the real trust to honor and follow your decisions instead of pre-qualifying, negotiating or justifying them, over and over and over again.

  • NATURALLY SHOW UP, BE YOURSELF AND UNMASK YOUR UNIQUE STANDOUT POWER. Finally and forever, establish your strength of footing regardless of other people’s opinions, circumstances, or reactions. Establish the solid confidence to overlook harsh judgment, fear of standing out and need to fit in …. set free your gifts, talents, potentials and get more done without the relentlessly doing more.




I understand what it takes...

to bridge your highest vision with your most impactful actions. 

In celebration of my new SOUL PATH BLUEPRINT process I’m eager to show you how easily, quickly change can happen and how fulfilling your purpose can be!  

I’ve opened up Three 90-Minute TARGET CALL SESSIONS at a VERY SPECIAL PRICE for the first three people who want to bring more joy to their life, career and business by ...

Moving You


  •  Not fully seeing the power of your purpose  

  • Not knowing what to do

  • Feeling inadequate and obligated based on someone else’s definition or life experiences.

  • Compromising yourself for financial gain

  • Not having choice making you sacrifice your dreams

  • Forcing your relationships to work

  • Forcing your work to be fulfilling


  • Live life with an expansive, liberated viewpoint

  • Confident in taking your next best step and every step afterwards

  • Lead your life from a sense of personal authority and leadership

  • Being enriched on all levels of your life  

  • Use your time and energy efficiently towards making an impact

  • Liberated from old patterns, beliefs, and thoughts with yourself and others.

  • Liberating a high value and deeper connection with your work


One spot remains for the offering of a $153 Savings on your first private 90-Minute TARGET CALL where you can make a dynamic shift by addressing the one most pressing issue or challenge that prevents you from mastering the way you create your future.  

Private 90 Minute TARGET CALL Session:  $197

Create Your Soul Path Blueprint

Private Soul Path Blueprint Target Call


One Private Soul Path Target Call is designed to unwind one primary concern that prevents you from taking forward movement in your life. One spot remains at the


$197 (normally $350)

Private Soul Path Blueprint Target Call Series


Package of 3  Soul Path Blueprint Targeted Sessions: $895

The Soul Path Blueprint Program


Three 90-minute session to map out your personal and unique Soul Path Blueprint 

BONUS: Includes a 15 Minute Check-in Call within 30 days of your final session.

Private Session Work: $1195

Learn how to create your Soul Path Blueprint

Learn more about how your life fits into the Soul Path Blueprint templates. Bonus: Gain insights into how your energetic archetypes affect patterns, behaviors, and beliefs.

What My Clients Say

I'm beginning to connect the dots...

 Things are beginning to shine ever since I committed to contact you and since our session.  Ive gotten some leads for what we talked about the day after we talked and my biggest fear is  turning for the better. Most importantly, I'm beginning to connect the dots. Early this am, I saw the North Star shining in my bedroom. Raymond U.

You were there to stop me from going...into a dark place...

We connected at just the right moment. The timing was perfect. You were there to stop me from going too deep into a dark place, but after our work, everything came to the place where it should be. The suggested tools were much different than those taught by others. The results were amazing. The way you explained things, I now understand (from an analytical mind). I also like how I can personalize the tools you taught me so that I can own my power and sacred space on earth. You have a genuine heart of gold providing the right energy needed at the right time! Didi L.

...reclaiming my power and owning my sovereignty...

Working with Joy is like sitting down with a master tactician before setting sail on a grand expedition.  Being gifted with an expansive vision, Joy can see up and down your soul’s timeline identifying patterns and blocks that are ready to be resolved.  

My work with Joy had to do with reclaiming my power and owning my sovereignty.  Joy taught me to not only be a witness to my soul’s evolution but to honor the entire journey.  Joy’s art goes deeper than the personality and beyond merely changing behavior.  Joy works on many levels, in cooperation with the subconscious mind, transmuting old patterns once and for all.  

Joy’s work continues to ripple out into all areas of my life.  Since our work together I have gained the strength to remain calm, strong, and centered in the face of conflict.  My relationships have improved, and I have a clear connection to my purpose. 

Finally, I have an increased self-esteem but even the word self-esteem seems too soft to describe this new experience of Self.  I have had a complete upgrade.  I have stepped into my fullness with complete realization of my loving Power through Soul Infusion.

This spiritual gift came through remembering I AM a soul.  Thank you, Joy, from the bottom of my heart for guiding me through this Transformation. Kate O.

...the tools and power to heal his soul...

I am forever indebted to you for giving my son the tools and power to heal his soul. As soon as he satin the car, he said he felt, "Amazing!!" And late that day, he said something that really touched me...he told me that he would give up all his bedroom furniture and sleep on the floor, just to be able to pay you for your services, which to him was worth a million dollars!!! You were there for me and my son at the most difficult and vulnerable time of his life. Ella H

Completely transformed the essence of the relationship...

The Return Receipt exercise was so quick and simple and yet, it completely transformed the essence of the relationship with my mom in a way was so beautiful. Our exchanges became so much easier and I didn’t have to do anything different. It went from a feeling of soul draining overwhelm to normal and balanced. Such an easy exercise and yet incredibly profound and life saving. Jenny K.

Helping people understand there's a lot more to them than what employers tell them

For me, my journey is getting into a position of not ever again being bound to money etc. The ability to rise like a Phoenix no matter where I am. When I called you, yes I was very depressed, nervous and just miserable. We need coaches like you because...your work is important in helping people understand there's a lot more to them than what employers tell them. S. R. 

What You Can Expect From Working With Me


Upgrade Your Life

...with your Soul Path Blueprint by mapping it out to see what needs to change at the energetic core, get the “permits” to do so, create a place for your dreams to land. 

You Will Liberate the Core Energetic Qualities

... that hold a belief, perception, habit, pattern or attitude that prevents realization of your desired life.

I can be found at and

Two Hour Soul Path Blueprint Workshop - Soft Launch



Transformative Artists take guided action by trusting what cannot be seen.

You’ll Discover 

1. Presence for Visibility - How the dharma and foundation of your business works by planting your light in the material world. You are not your modality. Tangible steps for easy allurement.


2. Energy for Marketing – Focus your power to pull in the right people with the right energy, Bridge the etheric to a sound business model. Tangible steps to describe your work.


3. Sovereignty for Money -  Liberate others through your Medicine Money Story and modern shamanism. Tangible steps to shift the paradigm by bringing your timeline wisdom into present time.

This is for you if you

· Know what to do but just don’t do it and don’t know why

· Sense there’s more people you want help but they’re just beyond your fingertips

· Want to serve but the thought of being seen for the light you are scares you

· Feel like your wings are clipped and are netted from flying


You know, there is a  different way of doing business that merges the truth of who you are with the     opportunities in the material world.

Believe money can be a tool for good. There is a different way of doing business that merges the truth of who you are with where your opportunities  

About One Ripple's Soul Path Blueprint Learning Series

Understand the impact of a business dharma for success.
Expand how people respond to you in the way you want them to.
Crystallize the value you bring and bring it into recognizable form that others want.
Increase your awareness to your overlooked power that informs your next best step so you stop wasting your time and energy.
Build your business for allurement by bridging your cognitive and spiritual intelligence in tangible actions.Buy the Business Guide for Alchemists and Mavericks here.

It applies the 3 main steps from the Soul Path Blueprint to the real life concerns of entrepreneurs:

  1. Who is being seen? (foundation) How the dharma and foundation of your business works. Tangible steps for easy visibility to pull in the right people with the right energy.
  2. What makes you different? (walls) Energy does the marketing for you. Discover your distinguishing characteristic, Tangible steps to describe your work so people recognize its value.
  3. How easily do clients and money come to you? (windows doors) Power to create money. Claim your sovereignty to liberate others. Tangible steps to shift the paradigm. 

One Ripple, LLC ®

Practical self-transformation. Find your overlooked power.

One ripple can change everything. ®

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